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A Little Bird Told Me

A Little Bird Told Me

Everyday Expressions from Scripture

~ Timothy Cross

"The writing is on the wall", "a drop in the ocean" and "from strength to strength". Just some of our everyday expressions which find their roots in the Bible! People quote biblical expressions without even knowing that they are... read more


18 Words

18 Words

The Most Important Words you will Ever Know

~ J. I. Packer

If the modern world can be characterised by one thing it is probably the enormous increase in the number of words around - but that increase has also been accompanied by a seemingly corresponding decrease in understanding. J. I.... read more


Bible Answers

Bible Answers

To Questions About the Christian Faith & Life

~ Derek Prime

Many people want to know what the Bible has to say about God and other pressing issues. To meet that need Derek Prime has provided a helpful guide that anyone can use. If you have ever wondered what the Bible really says about... read more