Protestant Denominations

Books of interest to various denominations including baptist, methodist etc. statement of denomination beliefs and government. include comparison of denominations. include history of specific churches, denominations here.

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A Christian's Pocket Guide to the Papacy

A Christian's Pocket Guide to the Papacy

Its origin and role in the 21st century

~ Leonardo De Chirico

Who are the Popes and how does the Roman Catholic Church define their role? What about the present day Popes? What is the ecumenical significance of the Papacy and what are its prospects in the global world? These and other... read more

The Reformation's Conflict With Rome

The Reformation's Conflict With Rome

Why it must continue

~ Robert L. Reymond

Foreword by R. C. Sproul. Written in an inoffensive yet honest way, Robert Reymond has studied the essential divisions between Roman Catholics and the Reformed church to find out the real issues and points of conflict. Reymond... read more

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