Introduction and overview of nt literature, history, languages. includes nt surveys.

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New Testament Theology

New Testament Theology

A New Study of the Thematic Structure of the New Testament

~ James J. Scott Jr.

Julius Scott has a passion for the New Testament but he thinks that most people read it without seeing half that is going on! He carefully unfolds 7 themes in the New Testament by answering these 7 questions. 1. Who is Jesus? 2.... read more

Why Four Gospels?

Why Four Gospels?

~ Donald Bridge

Why do we have four gospels? - Donald Bridge shows in this Mentor book that each gospel has written with a specific purpose. Each gospel has an emphasis aimed at the particular readers each writer had in mind. Readers of Why Four... read more

The Flow of the New Testament

The Flow of the New Testament

A book by book guide to the New Testament

~ Dale Leschert

Do you want a quick way of finding out about a New Testament book? Or a detailed study on a New Testament book? Now you can have both. Dale Leschert has put together an amazing and unique resource that will help everyone... read more

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