Contemplative Life

To study, meditate and give thought to the meaning of ones spiritual life. include here non-sectarian monastic rules (rule of st benedict), veniti. general meditation books here.

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A Tree By a Stream

A Tree By a Stream

Unlock the secrets of active meditation

~ Edmond Smith

Unlock the secrets of active meditation In a world which expects instant gratification and immediate success, spiritual meditation looks like hard work. Edmond Smith does not deny this, but still calls us back to this... read more

The Pilgrim Psalms

The Pilgrim Psalms

A Sacred Journey to Revitalise your Life

~ Kathy McReynolds

It's quite a big word, isn't it? The more you think about it, the bigger it gets! This is the story of how a busy mother, outwardly seeming to do all the right spiritual things, came face to face with the realisation that,... read more

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