David Phypers

David Phypers has spent many years as a Church of England minister in the Peak district of England. He plans to retire shortly.



Spiritual Gifts & the Church

Spiritual Gifts & the Church

~ David Phypers, Donald Bridge

The baptism of the Spirit - with its associated gifts - is a subject which has perplexed and fascinated Christians for many years. It is unfortunately one which divides Christians, who disagree over the extent to which gifts... read more


The Water that Divides

The Water that Divides

Two views on Baptism Explored

~ Donald Bridge, David Phypers

Things that divide Christians act as a poor witness to the world. On such major schism is that of Baptism. However if we can't agree, the next best witness to the world is the manner of how we disagree. The two views explored... read more