The Water that Divides

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The Water that Divides

Two views on Baptism Explored

Donald Bridge, David Phypers

Pages: 240
Trim: Large trade paperback (216 x 138mm)
Isbn 13: 9781845503086
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Category: Theology & Doctrine > Doctrine > Sacraments

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Things that divide Christians act as a poor witness to the world. On such major schism is that of Baptism. However if we can't agree, the next best witness to the world is the manner of how we disagree. The two views explored here, paedo (or infant) baptism and adult (or believer's) baptism are often so entrenched that discussions can be based around prejudice rather than understanding. This classic book aims to eradicate the former and promote the latter.

  • Do you know why Anglicans, Presbyterians and Methodists baptise babies?

  • Do you know why Baptists find it impossible to understand why they do it?

  • Do you know why most Baptists find it difficult to allow Paedobaptists to take communion or become church members?

We owe it to the future health of the church, and its witness, to work out our differences in love before the world. This book looks at the biblical arguments for both views on baptism, show how these have been practised in church history and the place that baptism has in the church today. This book is based on the 1998 extended version of the 1977 classic.

Donald Bridge and David Phypers approach this book from two different directions - respectively that of Baptist and Anglican. The common approach they bring is their respect of the others position as regards fidelity to scripture and faith.

About Donald Bridge

Donald Bridge is best known as an evangelist, author & pastor. He spends much of his time helping churches work through problems that are dividing them. He has written extensively on a wide variety of subjects.

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About David Phypers

David Phypers has spent many years as a Church of England minister in the Peak district of England. He plans to retire shortly.

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"This revised and updated version (of The Water that Divides) is a model of the informed, respectful and irenic dialogue of which Evangelicalism stands in continual need. The final chapter, which sensitively sets baptismal practice within today's context, is a particularly valuable survey, whatever our stance on the cluster of issues which gather under the canopy of 'post-modernism'. This is an invaluable text for all involved, at every level, with Christian initiation and local church membership."

Bruce Milne, Author and Conference Speaker

This volume would go some way to help people rethink what are true Gospel vitals and what are secondary, and hence non-divisive, issues. I commend this book to get Christians thinking and seeking a mutual way forward - we cannot afford the luxury of glasshouses, whichever side of the debate we stand.

Rev J. F. Dunn

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