A New Inner Relish

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A New Inner Relish

Christian Motivation in the Thought of Jonathan Edwards

Dane Ortlund

Pages: 272
Trim: Large trade paperback (216 x 138mm)
Isbn 13: 9781845503499
List Price: £8.99
Imprint: Christian Focus Adult Catalogue
Category: Christian Life > Spiritual Growth > General

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Featured Review

"Dane does a marvelous job of demonstrating how the "new sense of the heart," divinely and graciously imparted by God, governs Edwards' understanding of motivation in Christian obedience. I highly recommend Ortlund's clear and insightful study of it"

Sam Storms, Lead Pastor, Bridgeway Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


What made Jonathan Edwards tick? Dane Ortlund shows us that Edwards was gripped, spellbound by what he saw in God - and that underscored everything he did. Such motivation is essential to authentic Christian living.

About Dane Ortlund

Dane Ortlund is Senior Vice President for Bible Publishing at Crossway Books & Bibles. He lives in Wheaton, Illinois with his wife Stacey and their four kids.


Dane Ortlund's book on Christian motivation is timely and important as Christians wrestle with the problems of licence and legalism. He has combined an acute theological analysis of what motivates authentic Christian obedience with pastoral sensitivity and urgency, drawing on Jonathan Edwards' colossal vision of God. I found the book stimulating for its learning, but much more importantly spiritually searching and encouraging. Edwards encouraged his flock to live rejoicing in God and this book captures just that call.

Michael Ovey, (1958-2017) Principal, Oak Hill Theological College, London

"As I read the author's words on America's foremost theologian of his time, I found myself praying, 'Oh God, send a new awakening, and begin it in me!'"

Richard Bewes, OBE, formerly of All Souls Church, Langham Place, London, England

"There are many books that promise to reveal Jonathan Edwards' insight into the Christian life. This book delivers. Dane Ortlund, artfully using the incisive and perennial thought of Edwards, points us to a Christian obedience that is indeed a whole hearted delight."

Stephen J. Nichols, President, Reformation Bible College, CAO Ligonier Ministries, Sanford, Florida

"Dane Ortlund has sat at the feet of Jonathan Edwards and has learned much of what moved Edwards to be the person he was As we read these pages, we will be led to the same internal relish for God that transformed Edwards' life, theology, and ministry. Like Edwards we will be powerfully drawn by "the beauty of holiness."

David Calhoun, Professor of Church History, Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri

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