Killing Fields Living Fields

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Killing Fields Living Fields

Faith in Cambodia

Don Cormack

Pages: 464
Trim: Large trade paperback (216 x 138mm)
Isbn 13: 9781845505110
List Price: £11.99
Series: Biography
Imprint: Christian Focus Adult Catalogue
Category: Biography > Missionary

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Featured Reviews

"His gripping narrative has convinced me that this country which has had more than its fair share of tragedy is not a land bereft of hope"

Jonathan Miller, Channel 4 News, Formerly BBC Indo-China Correspondent

"As I read this, I paused every few minutes and sobbed in anger. Amid this great tragedy, the extraordinary power of faith, hope, and love manifests itself in the lives of a few ordinary Christians. They are my heroes. How I wish all Khmer Rouge leaders would read this book, weep in repentance, and find forgiveness in the Lord Jesus Christ."

Dr Sorpong Peou,, A survivor of Killing Fields

"This heart wrenching, heart-warming narrative prompts tears, prayers, praises and hopes in turn. It is a long time since I read anything so poignant"

J. I. Packer, Well known author & Board of Governors' Professor of Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada


The Cambodian Church was first planted among the rice farmers of North-West Cambodia in the mid-1920s. Growth was slow and painful. Then fifty years of nearly fruitless toil culminated in the incredible decade of the 1970s, when joyous spiritual awakening was juxtaposed with indescribable devastation.
Communist rule forced the massively depleted Church underground in Cambodia, drove it across into Thailand's crowded refugee camps, and scattered it across six continents. At that time almost all the mature leadership perished under the Khmer Rouge.

The Church is free and the time is now ripe for growth and development. In this edition you discover some of the recent developments in Cambodian story but yet it still remains the unfinished portrait of the Cambodian Church. This book will strengthen you in your faith and make you ask "what can I do for God"?

This book includes a timeline of History of Cambodia from 300bc right up to 2009.

About Don Cormack

Don Cormack spent over 20 years among the Cambodian people and therefore is well able to give the background of Cambodian Life and culture.


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"This book is a tremendously worthwhile voyage of discovery. It is emotional, even traumatic, yet inspiring and surprising, as one sees both human suffering and capacity for evil alongside tremendous courage, faithfulness and hope. It will make you think. And it is a timely reminder that the version of world events we first hear - the one reported in the media - is often not the full story. What God is doing, in growing his kingdom, is much more hidden and yet all the more glorious."

Evangelicals Now

"This book stunned me...such heroism such uncompromising faithfulness"

Elisabeth Elliot, Author of Through Gates of Splendor

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