Lives Jesus Changed

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Lives Jesus Changed

Lessons about Life from John's Gospel

Simon Vibert

Pages: 256
Trim: Trade paperback (198 x 130mm)
Isbn 13: 9781845505431
List Price: £7.99
Imprint: Christian Focus Adult Catalogue
Category: Biography > Biblical

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If you look at a family album we will begin to get an idea of the events, which have occurred in the life of that particular family. John's Gospel gives a snapshot of Jesus life and the lives he changed. John's gospel tells the story of Jesus the saviour of the world who came in flesh to forgive sins. Simon Vibert invites us to come and see the lives Jesus changed. But all these characters that we meet are not the one that the people had been waiting for. Jesus was that one but all these characters were "signposts" that pointed to Jesus so that might cause us to respond. Ideal for individuals or small group studies.

About Simon Vibert

Simon Vibert is Vice Principal and Director of the School of Preaching at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. Prior to that he was the minister of St. Luke's Church of England, in Southwest London. He studied in the USA, taught at Bible School in Haiti and is Chairman of Fellowship of Word & Spirit in Southwark Diocese. Simon is a preaching facilitator with Lanham Partnership and is married with 3 children.

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"Lives Jesus Changed reviews sixteen cases as they appear in John's Gospel, each short chapter commenting on one of them and ending with searching questions to the reader. This book is readable, analyses with simplicity each event of persons meeting the Lord Jesus. It's language is not technical. It attempts to lead the reader into something of a structured understanding of Scripture, with sparing cross-references."

English Churchman

"John the evangelist was a consummate chronicler and Simon Vibert's book reflects his genius... Vibert shows us how the form is the vehicle that carries the story forward. In fact we feel close to these people and are drawn into their stories."

Paul Wells, Emeritus Professor, Faculté Jean Calvin, France, Editor in Chief of Unio cum Christo

"One of the ways in which Matthew, Mark and Luke's Gospels differ from John is that they recount Jesus speaking to crowds, whereas in John, we have many private interviews and conversations. This is the realm that Simon Vibert has marvellously mined in Lives Jesus Changed. Quite rightly the emphasis is not so much on the characters themselves but rather at the Lord Jesus and what He was - and is -able to do in numerous lives. Each chapter is very accessible and heart-warming."

Jonathan Fletcher, Recently retired Minister of Emmanuel Church, Wimbledon, London

Customer Reviews

"Lives Jesus Changed brings to life the spirit, authenticity and relevance of John's gospel for today's readers. Simon Vibert writes with fluidity and grounds his arguments on careful analysis of the text, providing accessible anecdotes along the way. As we meet the characters with which Jesus engaged we are also challenged to respond to the person of Christ and the gospel message and to reflect on what choices we might make in light of this. An enjoyable and challenging read for new, old and non-Christians alike."

Posted by Ed, Devon. at 15:02 on Monday 22 November 2010