Our Home Is Like a Little Church

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Our Home Is Like a Little Church

Lindsey Blair, Bobby Gilles

Pages: 32
Trim: Paperback (210 x 210mm)
Isbn 13: 9781845505523
List Price: £2.99
Series: Colour Books
Imprint: CF4Kids
Read to me: age 2-5
Read myself: age 5-6
Category: Children > 4-7 Year Olds > Bible Teaching

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One of the most important features of a father's leadership in his home is his responsibility to train his children in the Scriptures and the Christian faith, and to nurture them in knowing and loving God. In this sense, fathers are pastors (i.e., shepherds) to their children, and they would do well to embrace this truth as their own. Our Home is like a Little Church helps both children and fathers see some of the beauty and richness of this relationship. How good it will be when an increasing number of Christian fathers own their roles as their family's pastors. May this little book be used by God to serve that end.

Bruce Ware, Professor of Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky


Our Home is like a Little church was written to teach preschool children the Christian doctrine of the home as a place of worship where the father teaches his family God's commands and leads them to worship the one true God.
The home is the front line of ministry to children-not the Sunday school or public church gathering. All the practices present in a Christian worship service-the Scriptures, prayer, and praise-should be present in the home as well. Our Home is Like a Little Church teaches this truth by repeatedly putting church and home side by side-on adjacent pages.
God expects parents to teach their children when they sit down for meals, when they drive along the road, when they lie down for bed, and when they get up in the morning. These "pastoral" duties can be daunting so this book also serves as a reminder that these duties are done in light of God's grace shown to us through Jesus' work on the cross.
Parents and children together can read this engaging little book in order to discover what God's plans are for worshipping Him inside their home.

About Lindsey Blair

Bobby Gilles, Lindsey Blair and Tessa Janes are members at Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Sojournís mission is to bring glory to God through lives changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. They believe that the gospel-focused, missional church is Godís chosen instrument for doing the work of his Kingdom on earth.

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This is an excellent book and I have sought to get a copy into the hands of every family at our church. It is a story about fathers leading their families at home as the pastor leads the church. The great old concept of "every father the pastor of the church meeting in his house" is portrayed here in an engaging and compelling way. The left hand pages comment on what the pastor does at church. The right hand pages then comment on how the dad does a similar thing in leading his family at home. Reading this then will urge fathers forward and give them some built-in accountability as children will look to see that the things read about are actually done! The book is simply written in a nice rhyme with nice illustrations. This little book has the potential to accomplish much good. I encourage you to get a copy for yourself and then get copies for families you could give it to.

Ray Van Neste, Director, R. C. Ryan Center for Biblical Studies, Union University, Jackson, Tennessee

Our Home is like a Little Church beautifully illustrates the Biblical role that each father is called to play in the lives of his children. The apostle Paul states in 1 Thessalonians 2 that he has dealt with the Thessalonian church the same way that a father deals with his children...."encouraging, comforting and urging [them], to live lives worthy of God." I pray that every father that reads this powerful little book will have the courage to lead his family to live life for the Glory of God and nothing less. I LOVE the book because it provides a beautiful picture of what it looks like for a father to be the spiritual leader in the home. It simplifies this profound truth in a way that can be easily understood by everyone in the family.

Jason Houser, Seeds Family Worship, Nashville, Tennessee

Customer Reviews

In the midst of our busy lives, it can sometimes seem convenient to relegate the teaching of scripture, prayer, and worship to the professionals at church. While that may be the easy way out, as parents we must be mindful of God's word, which exhorts us to minister to and teach their own children (see Deut. 4:9; 11:9). Expanding on this theme, Our Home is like a Little Church introduces preschool age children to the doctrine of the home as a little church. In addition, it serves as a gentle reminder to parents that the spiritual disciplines present in the church on Sunday should also be present in their little church throughout the rest of the week.

Touching on the topics of prayer, Bible reading, and worship, Our Home is like a Little Church contrasts church and home side by side, showing how these spiritual disciplines can and should be present in both our churches and our homes (i.e. little church). The artwork looks like it could have been drawn by a child and is perfect for engaging the intended preschool audience. I especially enjoyed the rhyming throughout the text, which gave it a good rhythm and made it a lot of fun to read. This book was a fast favorite amongst my youngest children and we have enjoyed it many times. I highly recommend this book and give it an overall rating of 5 stars.

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