Sailm Dhaibhidh

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Sailm Dhaibhidh

Gaelic Metric Psalmody

Pages: 272
Trim: Trade hardback (198 x 130mm)
Isbn 13: 9781781912492
List Price: £8.99
Imprint: Christian Focus Adult Catalogue

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This is an up-dated version of the Gaelic Psalmody published by the then National Bible Society of Scotland in 1988. The Gaelic spelling and punctuation has been updated, and is now completely in accordance with the Gaelic Orthographic Conventions as published by the Scottish Qualifications Authority in 2005. A number of classic features pertaining to the biblical register of language found in the 1988 edition have been retained.
(Thus we have, for example, fin, cluainibh, slighibh, pilleadh and ros D instead of colloquial fhin, cluainean, slighean, tilleadh and ros Dh as to be found in the 1992, 2000 and 2002 editions of the Gaelic Psalmody published by the National Bible Society of Scotland/Scottish Bible Society.)

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