Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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Martyn Lloyd-Jones

From Wales to Westminster

Christopher Catherwood

Pages: 160
Trim: Pocket paperback (178 x 110mm)
Isbn 13: 9781781915257
List Price: £5.99
Series: Trailblazers
Imprint: CF4Kids
Read to me: age 8-9
Read myself: age 9-14
Category: Youth > Biography

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'Fire, fire!' the frantic shout echoed through the streets of a small Welsh village. As neighbours desperately organised fire fighting equipment, the Lloyd-Jones family slept, unaware that their home was about to go up in smoke. Martyn, aged ten, was snug in his bed but his life was in danger. What happened to Martyn? How did the fire affect him and his family? Christopher Catherwood tells you about the amazing life of his grandfather, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, who trained as a doctor when he was just sixteen years old. Talented and successful, he was destined to become the Queen's Surgeon. However, he gave it all up to work for God. In this book you will find out why. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was enthusiastic and on fire for God. You will be too by the end of this book!

About Christopher Catherwood

Christopher Catherwood is Martyn Lloyd-Jones' grandson. He has taught 20th century and church history at the Cambridge-based INSTEP programme and is an Associate of Churchill College, Cambridge.

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Customer Reviews

This is a biography of the Welsh preacher from the 20th century, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, specifically aimed at younger readers. It takes us through Lloyd-Jones' childhood at Llangeitho, to his time as a doctor at the famous St Barts' hospital in London. It then goes on to explain why he made the momentous decision to leave a glorious career behind, to take up work as a minister in a small Welsh town. As the book is written by Lloyd-Jones' grandson, we get some insights into the preacher as a family man. It is interesting, and sometimes surprising to note the tenderness with which Lloyd-Jones was able to deal with some of the difficult and controversial matters that arose within his family. The picture that we get is that of a loving grand-father who was able to show much wisdom and discernment when it came to advising his family.
Catherwood gives a simple outline of the Doctor's life and ministry, which I'm sure will be accessible for younger readers. It will serve as a useful introduction to this Christian preacher from the twentieth century, of whom there is still much to learn from today. It could be a good for stimulating some discussion within Christian youth groups. Hopefully, this book will whet a few appetites to go on with further reading in later years.

Posted by Andrew Young, Fraserburgh at 10:45 on Saturday 18 July 2015