Does Christianity Really Work?

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Does Christianity Really Work?

William Edgar

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Isbn 13: 9781781917756
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Series: The Big Ten
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Wasn't the South African Apartheid supported by Christians? Weren't the Crusades motivated by greed, but advocated by the church? Don't phoney television preachers manipulate viewers into donating money? William Edgar addresses these and other questions honestly, without attempting to dismiss or explain away their uncomfortable realities. He displays the good aspects of the church even more brilliantly through frankly and Biblically acknowledging the bad. If you have ever asked the question Does Christianity Really Work? this will be an interesting and enlightening read, whatever your prior convictions.

About William Edgar

William Edgar is Professor of Apologetics at Westminister Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, and an accomplished jazz pianist. He is married to Barbara and they have two children, William and Deborah.

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Edgar approaches difficult questions with pastoral care and theological wisdom. He acknowledges the ongoing reality of sin as the reason behind personal and corporate failure. He also points out the many instances of good accomplished by those with an explicitly Christian worldview - the abolition of slavery, health care, women's rights, art, music, social reform and much much more. The book is very accessible and easy to read and it contains many great stories which illustrate and support his basic argument. This book would be great to hand out to friends who were perhaps interested but skeptical about the claims of Christianity and the record of Christians.

Evangelicals Now

... addresses one of the main questions that sceptics and seekers have about Christianity - does it actually work? Looking at some issues from a positive perspective (the good that Christianity has done, and continues to do) and others from a negative (the alleged harm it is supposed to have brought), Edgar gives reasoned, evidenced and clear answers. This is a good primer for the seeker or the sceptic.

David Robertson, Pastor, St Peter's Free Church of Scotland, Dundee & Associate Director of SOLAS, Centre for Public Christianity

From now on, when skeptics ask, 'Where in the world has Christianity done any good,' we have a powerful and convincing reply ... Bill debunks myths and blows the dust off of little known historical facts about the impact of the Gospel in a hurting world ... a remarkable book

Joni Eareckson Tada, Activist for the disabled and author of Joni, the award-winning Tell Me the Promises, and other classics

... offers to all a Christianity of logic, truth and transcendence-an ultimate balm that will both heal and protect against the harsh realities of life. He does not hesitate to confront the difficult questions that challenge our faith in times of doubt while also giving his readers a vision of a society transformed by Christian leadership.

Al Sikes, Former Chairman, FCC and author of Culture Leads, Leaders Follow

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