The Way of the Righteous in the Muck of Life

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The Way of the Righteous in the Muck of Life

Psalms 1-12

Dale Ralph Davis

Pages: 144
Trim: Trade paperback (198 x 130mm)
Isbn 13: 9781781918616
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Imprint: Christian Focus Adult Catalogue
Category: Biblical Studies > Old Testament > Old Testament Studies General

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In the opening pages of the Psalms, believers discover foundational truth for right living and great delight as children of God. Trusted theologian Dale Ralph Davis leads readers through a careful study of Psalms 1-12 with clear application for daily life.
These beautiful Psalms see the Psalmist go through both good and terribly bad times. The righteous rely on God, and the Psalms teach us how. This book is ideal for use by small groups, as a teaching guide or for reference.

About Dale Ralph Davis

Dale Ralph Davis is Minister in Residence, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina. Prior to that he was pastor of Woodland Presbyterian Church, Hattiesburg, Mississippi and Professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Mississippi.

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Customer Reviews

A very refreshing exposition of the first twelve psalms. Davis has a gift of explaining the Hebrew text in a way that is so simple and yet profound. He begins by showing us why the first psalm, with its teaching on two ways of life, is where it is at the beginning of the collection. He then goes on by showing how the second psalm moves from looking at the life of the individual, to the bigger picture and international scene as 'the nations' and 'rulers' take their stand against the Lord and His Anointed King.
There then follows expositions of psalms 3 to 12, showing how 'the righteous' should approach God during troubled times - or indeed 'the muck of life' that the title refers to. Here's a book filled with clear Bible teaching. He reinforces this with lots of memorable illustrations and stories, either from his own experiences, or vast knowledge of history and the world in general. The book is also filled with relevant practical application for all today, particularly in the area of prayer. A very heart-warming and encouraging book. I look forward to the next volume ...

Posted by Andrew Young, Fraserburgh at 10:14 on Saturday 17 June 2017