Thirty Thousand Days

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Thirty Thousand Days

The Journey Home to God

Catherine L Morgan

Pages: 224
Trim: Trade paperback (198 x 130mm)
Isbn 13: 9781781917831
List Price: £7.99
Series: Focus for Women
Imprint: Christian Focus
Category: Christian Life > Practical Life > General

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Christ came so that we could have life to the full. But what does this really mean for everyday life? It is so easy to become disheartened by the sadness or just bogged down by the monotony of life. We have a constant ache reminding us that we don't belong in this fallen world. Thirty Thousand Days offers an opportunity to think about and savor the reality of Heaven - of finally going Home. This special book draws your mind irresistibly to Christ and invites you to revel, with a childlike excitement, in the salvation He has secured for us.

About Catherine L Morgan

Catherine L Morgan lives in Colorado with three kids, two dogs and a yellow canoe. She and her husband, Michael, served on staff with Here's Life Inner City (a division of Cru) for several years and planted a church a decade ago. They are amazingly still standing! You can follow her blog at

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Catherine Morgan passionately and creatively guides us in the true journey of a life that matters, that counts, that satisfies. She calls us to love God and love others, just as Jesus did. And she helps us grab hold of a vision that will sustain us - an eternal perspective for the days of our lives.

Judy Douglass, Author of Letters to My Children: Secrets of Success

Thirty Thousand Days is a beautifully crafted reminder that our days matter. Even in the contexts of full-time ministry, we find it staggeringly challenging to maintain the urgency and dependency that is needed in a life sold out to the Savior. Be warned - this book will not leave you the same! Your eyes will shift toward the eternal, your heart will align with His, and your love for people will be the overflow.

D & S, Missionaries to North Africa

Thirty Thousand Days is beseeching us to live a life shaped by the eternity that awaits those who trust Jesus. In these pages, Catherine Morgan demonstrates a grasp of the Kingdom of God, and she has the life to back it up.

Jay Williams, Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Peshtigo, Wisconsin

Catherine Morgan's writing reveals her passion for God's people to live purposefully this side of eternity as they long for their eternal home.

Erika Blaine, Pastor's Wife, Aurora, Colorado

I relished the truths in this must-read book. Catherine's words challenged me to live now focused on eternity. Time is short and there is great purpose for each day God gives us!

Jen McShea, Stay at Home Mom, Greensboro, North Carolina

Catherine Morgan provides a unique perspective from her own life experiences that sets Thirty Thousand Days apart from other books in the same genre. It is an engaging read and one that propels the reader to view every day, every hour, every minute of this life in terms of its eternal significance.

Laurie Morgan, Lawyer, Dallas, Texas

Filled with hope, encouragement, and challenges for seekers and believers.

Karen Hoar, Stay at Home Mom, Birmingham, Alabama

Customer Reviews

This book is beautifully written, very encouraging, and thought provoking. Catherine Morgan inspires us to live our lives as Christians with purpose and consistency. She shares her own struggles, with transparency. This book is filled with wisdom and delightful little personal stories from the author's own life. A must read!

Posted by Cyndy Little, Greensboro, NC/ USA at 14:10 on Tuesday 06 December 2016