The Bedside Book

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The Bedside Book

Daily Readings and Prayers for Testing Times

David Short

Pages: 80
Trim: Trade paperback (198 x 130mm)
Isbn 13: 9781781919644
List Price: £6.99
Imprint: Christian Focus
Category: Inspirational > Devotional > General

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Times of sickness are dark and confusing - tensions can run high and fear begin to be a constant presence, affecting everything. David Short compiled this little book of meditations for times like these. When there is nothing left to say which can comfort or appease, and when we are at our lowest, Christ is our Rock and God our comfort, guarding our hearts and minds. Through 31 days of Bible verses, prayers, and hymns, The Bedside Book helps you to focus again on the voice of the Father - the best comfort there is on offer.

About David Short

David Short (1918 - 2005) spent the major part of his medical career as a consultant cardiologist in Aberdeen; he was appointed Queen's Physician in Scotland, and on his retirement Emeritus Professor of Clinical Medicine. Besides his medical work and writing, he was for many years an elder and a preacher at a local independent church. His faith is reflected in his books, Medicine as a Vocation (1978); Real Success (1998); The Bedside Book (2003), and Pastoral Visitation (jointly, 2004).

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