Grace, Grit & Gumption

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Grace, Grit & Gumption

Spirtual Revival in South Wales

Geraint Fielder

Pages: 240
Trim: Large trade paperback (216 x 138mm)
Isbn 13: 9781857925005
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Category: Biography > Missionary

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John Pugh, railway worker, Seth Joshua, donkey driver, fighter and Frank Joshua, teacher were all converted in the Welsh valleys. Pugh became a dedicated pastor who planted and grew several large churches before becoming involved in the 'Forward Movement'. The Joshua brothers had independently, and with no training, started a venture of their own which saw great growth amongst the English language dominated industrial areas. It became the sort of pilot scheme that Pugh was looking for and they joined forces.

The title of the book is taken from Pugh's plan to reach the unchurched industrial wasteland of Splott, next to Cardiff. He advertised the fact that he wanted 'To secure men of GRACE, GRIT AND GUMPTION' for the work.

About Geraint Fielder

Geraint Fielder(1935-2016) was an experienced broadcaster on Radio Wales, Radio 2 and Radio 4. He was also a missionary and former minister at Highfields Church in Cardiff.

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Grace Grit and Gumption is an eloquent tribute to three men whose preaching led to the founding of the "Forward Movement", and evangelical movement that profoundly affected Welsh society in the twentieth century. Incidentally, it was that movement's appeal for evangelists that Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones responded to positively in 1927 and which took him to Aberavon.

Revival Magazine

If you are into the history of revivals in this land, or for some reason you think God isn't moving amongst your community, this book is an absolute must. I found it enjoyable & challenging, a double-edged sword for any book.

CLC Book Reviews

This thrilling story is well told. The author has captured the different characteristics of the three leaders. They were different, yet one in their boundless energy, capacity for friendship and zeal for the gospel. It is a challenging book. It should rekindle our evangelistic spirit and help us to think of appropriate evangelistic methods.

Rutherford Journal of Church and Ministry

... a most refreshing book- easy to read, challenging, informative and with many applications to the modern church. It is a book every Christian should read!

Evangelical Times

... if you can put down this book dry-eyed and cold of heart then perhaps you should look to yourself.

The Evangelical Magazine, Published by Evangelical Movement of Wales

"This is a story that had to be told. These are men who should live in the hearts and minds of a new generation. Their devotion to Christ, their compassion and their indomitable courage stand as both a rebuke and an inspiration. There were giants in the land in those days. May their example breed others such as they in our generation too."

Peter Lewis, Senior Minister, Cornerstone Church, Nottingham

"Those who are concerned about the state of the church and society must read this book to see how God can change everything through men and women whom he has called by his grace and to whom he has given the grit and gumption to carry out his work. It is a well written story that warms the heart, and took me right back to Sandfields. Aberavon."

Lady Elizabeth Catherwood

"Not many people could tell the fascinating story of these three mighty men as Geraint Fielder has done. His book is a significant contribution to our knowledge of the Forward Movement in Wales in the generation just before Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones heard its appeal for evangelists and left London for Aberavon... The book is full of relevance for our own times."

Eric Alexander, Conference speaker and formerly minister St George's Tron, Glasgow for 20 years

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