Light in the City

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Light in the City

Stories from London City Mission

Irene Howat

Pages: 192
Trim: Pocket paperback (178 x 110mm)
Isbn 13: 9781857927238
List Price: £5.99
Imprint: Christian Focus Adult Catalogue
Category: Church Life > Missions

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Light in the City is a set of testimonies with a difference. Most are the stories of London City Missionaries who come from a variety of backgrounds. Their experiences before conversion were varied and the subjects covered in their stories include: alcohol and drug abuse, sexual abuse, racial issues, poverty, violence, involvement in cults such as Rastafarianism, Jehovah Witnesses and the occult.

Along with these stories are testimonies of several people who have come to faith through the work and witness of LCM. Some of these came into the kingdom dramatically and others very gently. They illustrate the work of the Mission and the care the missionaries have for those they meet.

The book ends with a short explanation of the Christian Faith - taking the form of answers to the kind of questions the missionaries meet in the course of their work.

About Irene Howat

Irene Howat is an award-winning author and a talented artist in Ayrshire, Scotland. She is married to a retired minister and they have a grown family. She especially enjoys receiving letters from her readers and replies to all of them. Check out her new stories at

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"God took ordinary men and women, some of whom faced big problems in their own lives, and saved them. Their stories are fascinating, their work is a slog but it's never dull."

Maureen McKenna, Founder of the Open Door Trust, Glasgow

"Demonstrates the power of Christ to change lives being ruined by the depravity of modern inner city life. A realistic selection of examples in that not all live happily ever after."

Kenneth Prior

"Puts us at the scene of the action... In many cases those on the receiving end of such costly kindness have themselves joined God's emergency rescue team as London City Missionaries."

James McAllen

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