The Lord's Day

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The Lord's Day

Joseph A. Pipa, Jr.

Pages: 256
Trim: Trade paperback (198 x 130mm)
Isbn 13: 9781857922011
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Imprint: Christian Focus Adult Catalogue
Category: Church Life > Worship & Liturgy

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A splendid book... The church has needed this book. Use your Sunday afternoons to read it!

W. Robert Godfrey, President, Westminster Seminary in California, Escondido, California

This book is a well-argued defence of... the Fourth Commandment.

Associated Presbyterian News

Scholarly, thorough and thought provoking are some of the comments that will help describe this new book.

Roni Ben Tovi, CBJ November 1997


Are we missing out on God's blessing by the way we celebrate the Lord's Day - are we too legalistic or too lax? Is the Spirit grieved by our disrespect to God or frustrated by our thralldom to unnecessary restrictions? These and other questions are answered in The Lord's Day. Joey Pipa is known for his warm pastoral application of Scriptural principles. Here, he takes an authoritative look at the 'first day.'

About Joseph A. Pipa, Jr.

Joseph A. Pipa, Jr. has been both a church pastor and theological professor. He is President and Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in South Carolina and exercises a worldwide expositional ministry.

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This book is eminently readable and will prove to be a great blessing to every thoughtful reader.

The Covenanter Witness, Magazine of the Reformed Presbyterian Churches of Scotland and Ireland

Written with the plainness and warmth of pastoral experience which will benefit... every believer.

Walter J. Chantry,

This book is eminently readable, and highlights the joy to be gained in 'a Sabbath well spent'.

The Monthly Record, Magazine of the Free Church of Scotland

The basic principle of the book, the observance of the Lord's Day as a day of rest and remembrance, will be accepted by many older Christians, but needs to be worked out by some younger Christians.

D E CLC Book Reviews May 1998

It is a book that will appeal to those who are convinced that the Puritan expression of Sabbath keeping is the best way to use the day.

English Churchman

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