Redeem the Time

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Redeem the Time

Sin in the writings of John Owen

Steve Griffiths

Pages: 320
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Isbn 13: 9781857926552
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Category: Theology & Doctrine > Systematic Theology > Hamartiology / Sin

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John Owen was one of the great Puritans of the 17th Century whose writings and theology have gone through a welcome resurgence of interest in the last fifty years. His writings are a constant reference source for spiritual truths and practical insights.

Dr Steve Griffiths considers how Owen dealt with the problem of Sin, which as with all reformed theologians was a fundamental concern in his thinking. Owen's treatment of sin does not stand in isolation; it can only be considered in the light of his doctrine of God and what it means for man to reflect that image.

About Steve Griffiths

Steve Griffiths is an Anglican minister, serving an inner city congregation in the East End of London. Steve is Chief Editor of 'The Journal of Youth and Theology' and has written many articles on the topic. He lectures regularly in both London and Oxford. Steve is married and has one daughter.

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If the book can be summarised, let it be in these words: 'Spiritual-mindedness is the goal towards which all believers should be striving in their walk with God. Conformity to Christ is a dynamic principle. Growth into the image of God is a dynamic principle. To become fully human, to become who we were created to be, the development of spiritual-mindedness must necessarily begin with an awareness of our innate sinfulness and a knowledge of just how far we have fallen from God' (p.208).

The Banner of Truth Magazine

"Evangelicals have lost our forefathers' sense of the depth of sin and the need for holiness; I believe that this book, in bringing us to Owen's writings, could help us to recover it."

Stephen Walton, Churchman

"To read John Owen is to enter a rare world. Whenever I return to one of his works I find myself asking ‘Why do I spend time reading lesser literature?' I believe all lovers of John Owen and his writings, like myself, will salute Dr Griffiths for sharing with us the results of his arduous studies. ...the rediscovery of Owen's theology has proved to be a great blessing to many. Into that blessing I hope you will now allow Dr Griffiths to lead you."

Sinclair B. Ferguson, Associate Preacher, St. Peter's Free Church, Dundee

"Like John Owen, Steve Griffiths is a minister of the gospel with a deep love for Christ and for his word, and who is passionately concerned to make the teaching of the Bible relevant to his inner-city congregation in the twenty-first century. In a therapeutic and self-obsessed age such as ours, the church needs to hear again the Pauline teaching on sin and grace which Owen expounded so brilliantly."

Carl R. Trueman, Paul Woolley Professor of Historical Theology and Church History, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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