Spiritual Gifts & the Church

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Spiritual Gifts & the Church

David Phypers, Donald Bridge

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The baptism of the Spirit - with its associated gifts - is a subject which has perplexed and fascinated Christians for many years.

It is unfortunately one which divides Christians, who disagree over the extent to which gifts should appear in the Church.

In this study of gifts, the individual and the church - Donald Bridge and David Phypers give a balanced view of a difficult and controversial issue.

In particular they plead for unity amongst those who profess to love Christ.

About David Phypers

David Phypers has spent many years as a Church of England minister in the Peak district of England. He plans to retire shortly.

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About Donald Bridge

Donald Bridge is best known as an evangelist, author & pastor. He spends much of his time helping churches work through problems that are dividing them. He has written extensively on a wide variety of subjects.

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"The original edition of this book appeared in 1973, but the authors have revised an expanded the material for this edition, consciously responding to the ‘Toronto Blessing' movement . . . good exegetical treatment on passages in 1 Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4. The chapter on Gifts for the Whole Church is well-balanced, dealing with straightforward gifts such as ‘faith' and ‘acts of mercy', but also handling such matters as ‘gifts of healing', ‘speaking in tongues' and ‘prophecy' . . . final section of the book covers the area of The Benefits of Spiritual Gifts, concentrating on worship, service and evangelism. In this a plea for unity and understanding among those who love the Lord, a strand that runs throughout the book, is highlighted."

The Monthly Record, Magazine of the Free Church of Scotland

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