Sounds from Heaven

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Sounds from Heaven

The Revival on the Isle of Lewis, 1949-1952

Colin Peckham

Pages: 288
Trim: Large trade paperback (216 x 138mm)
Isbn 13: 9781857929539
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Series: Biography
Imprint: Christian Focus Adult Catalogue
Category: Church Life > Church Growth

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Featured Reviews

This is the best and most definitive study of the movement of the Spirit of God in the Hebrides during the middle of the twentieth century. There are people who sit and hear us year after year. They are loyal, orthodox, moral people but they lack vitality, discipleship, courage in witness-bearing, prayerfulness - they are rarely present in Prayer Meetings. One longs for a spark, a new insight that takes them over the edge into assurance and holy zeal. Reading the testimonies in the closing chapters of the book describing the radical transformation of the lives of ordinary church goers, gives hope for new life in those who faithfully hear us, but do little more. In matters of the Holy Spirit, never assume anything.

Geoff Thomas, Conference Speaker and author, Aberystwyth, Wales

"This will become for those burdened for revival a primary and powerful resource for understanding God's ways in sending 'times of refreshing' for His people."

Rev. Dr. Ted S. Rendall, Chancellor Emeritus, Prairie Bible Institute and author of Fire in the Church

Here you can read Duncan Campbell's own reports, along with eyewitness records of those amazing days, and a description of the characteristics of the revival. ...the desperate state of our society and the church which bears the name of Christ should drive us to pray with the Psalmist, "Will You not revive us again, O Lord?"

Peter Grainger, Formerly Pastor, Charlotte Chapel, Edinburgh


The recounting of the story of revival on the Scottish Isle of Lewis in the late 1940s. It is a fascinating blend of history, biography and testimony. It includes the eye-witness accounts from Duncan Campbell and Mary Peckham.

About Colin Peckham

Colin Peckham (1936-2009) was Principal of Faith Mission Bible College, Edinburgh. Mary Peckham (nee Morrison) (1932-2010) was born on the Isle-of-Lewis and was converted in the 1949 revival. She spent fourteen years in evangelistic ministry, seeing true revival on two occasions in her ministry, before marrying Colin in 1969. They are both survived by three adult children and two grandchildren.

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The stories in this book are great both for the encouragement for faithfulness, and for the glimpse they offer into mid-twentieth century Scottish life. May it be an encouragement to evangelize and to wait upon God to do his work of revival!

Barnabas Magazine

This eye witness account of the revival in the Isle of Lewis in the Hebrides from 1949-1952 is stirring stuff. Well worth reading just to catch the atmosphere of an island overwhelmed by the invasion of the Spirit of God. You will be deeply stirred by reading it and provoked to cry out to God to 'rend the heavens and come down' once again.

Terry Virgo, Founder of Newfrontiers and well-known Bible Teacher, London

"By far the most authoritative account of one of the most famed of British revivals. It truly is another of those 'unputdownable' titles, and cannot fail to thrill and challenge the reader."

Prophecy Today

"...provides ringing affirmation that God is still on His throne and delights to make bare His mighty arm in revival when His people get serious with Him."

Richard Owen Roberts, International Awakening Ministries

In a time of extreme apathy among Christian people, yet when talk about revival has become trendy, many Christians have no real concept of true God-sent revival. May this publication be used to provide a clearer understanding of revival and also create a longing that God, in His providence, may revive us again.

Rev Tom Shaw. Honorary President of The Faith Mission.

I cannot recall any book on revival that I have read that has given me greater pleasure, held my attention more, and incited my longing for a new visitation from God more than this one.

Brian H. Edwards, Lecturer & Theologian, Author of Revival and Can We Pray For Revival?

This is an awe-inspiring book. It must be, because it contains the testimonies of people converted in a time of revival.

Evangelical Times

Customer Reviews

A graphic report of a deep move of God's Holy Spirit.
This was no shallow account of man's feeble attempt to emulate a work of God with noise and manifestations, but an account of moving beauty and power.
The testimonies were marvellous examples of a Lord who was willing to woo unbelievers for as long as it took, until they surrendered with joy unspeakable to His great love for them.
Not a book to loan out, it will never return. Buy your friends a copy as a present, then pray and wait for the results!.

Posted by Tony. Chichester, W. Sussex. at 12:28 on Thursday 08 September 2011

I found this to be an excellent book, which left me longing for a fresh visitation on the nation from God. The main focus of the book is the revival on the Isle of Lewis from 1949-1952. The book is divided into two parts. The first part gives an account of what happened during revival years. There is some background information on religion on Lewis up until that time, which gives us insight into some other revivals on the island, (such as in 1939). Naturally, the life and ministry of Duncan Campbell (the key figure in this movement) is outlined and we get some of his brief reports of what was going on at the different venues where he visited. There are chapters describing some of the incidents and characteristics of the revival, and we see that even during times of revival, problems can still arise and opposition can still come.
The second half of the book is devoted to a series of personal testimonies - 24 in all- of those who personally experienced the revivals. Some of these are quite thrilling and warm the heart.
I would have liked to have seen some more critical analysis on the life and ministry of Duncan Campbell, and the book doesn't answer all questions that we might ask, such as, why this revival did not spread. Nevertheless, there has been much thorough research done and lots of fresh material for us to study. If you are interested in the subject of revival or are keen to explore some of the important happenings in Scottish church history, then I recommend you get hold of this book. I found this to be quite stirring stuff, and I feel it should give us a clearer understanding of how God works in a community.

Posted by Andrew Young, Fraserburgh at 10:48 on Friday 30 July 2010

I have read and re read and re read the book Sounds of Heaven and after the Bible it one of the most precious books I shall ever own and I have bought many copies and have given them away Its an indesrible book full of history, and personal testimony, and often has brought me to tears, I have studied this revival for years and years and this book has given me tremendous joy, it should be read by every believer in the land

Posted by michael robinson serving the Lord in Switzerland at 20:04 on Saturday 12 December 2009

I love islands, especially those on the western edge of Europe. It was the cover that first grabbed my attention; a muted snapshot of a man and a young boy aboard a small fishing boat looking directly at the reader, a bank of cloud their backdrop. The clouds seem to presage the mighty working of God in an austere and lonely place. The book tells of the revival on the Isle of Lewis, 1949-52. This is no dry documentary though. The writers skillfully bring together the revival reports of Duncan Campbell which provide us with an overview or a timeline, with quite thrilling personal testimonies from many key figures. There is some cross-over and repetition but this serves to substantiate memories and to give a rounded view of that time of exceptional blessing. The Peckhams also provide loads of background and insight. Their approach is scholarly, but never dull because this is a work of the heart. Mary Peckham came to faith in the revival and her testimony is included. The writing is crisp, but never lacks warmth. The voices of witness are vivid. This book transcends its genre, the narrative thrust is sustained. It is a `ripping yarn` that oozes humility. Above all it gives the glory to God. It is hard to see how we might replicate the specific conditions that gave rise to the Lewis revival of 1949-1952. There are however principles we can seek to apply in our personal search for revival and in a wider sphere, chief among these is a lively and sustained expectation in our dealings with God and a real heartfelt sense of our indwelling sin, which we must take to Him so the blood of the lamb might cover it. Need I say this book is highly commended!

Posted by Alun Jones, Wrexham at 05:42 on Thursday 30 November 2006