Temptation of Christ

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Temptation of Christ

A Puritan's View of the Temptation

Thomas Manton

Pages: 176
Trim: Trade paperback (198 x 130mm)
Isbn 13: 9781857922264
List Price: £5.99
Imprint: Christian Heritage
Category: Biblical Studies > New Testament > Jesus Studies

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Introduced by Maurice Roberts. Manton looks at the temptation Christ suffered from the devil in the wilderness and shows the origin and purpose of temptation. His classic study examines how Jesus can be God and yet be tempted. He also demonstrates how temptation exists both for our good and God's glory, how to combat it and the role we, and angels play in overcoming it. Today there is a proliferation of books on self-fulfilment, perhaps it is time for us to study and develop self denial.

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"Puritan books were once the treasures of second-hand bookshops. They are now being neatly packaged and arranged for 20th Century men. One of the best to be recently published is Thomas Manton, The Temptation of Christ (Christian Focus). The cover states that ‘In the spiritual war zone that ranges around us the call is for a people to follow their captain, to follow a leader who understands our every feeling and who gave everything so that we may succeed in this vital area of our Christian Life.' This book is not only theologically stimulating but is full of the proper practical consequences of true theology."

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