Territorial Spirits And World Evangelisation?

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Territorial Spirits And World Evangelisation?

Chuck Lowe

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Over the last decade, a new theory and practice of spiritual warfare has taken hold around the world. This teaching proposes the existence of a newly discovered class of demons, 'territorial spirits', whose function is to rule over specific jurisdictions of different sizes. Along with this theory has come a new practice of spiritual warfare: ruling demons are named, their territories identified and they are then bound or cursed. Evangelism and mission are ten said to proceed raplidly with dramatic results.

Chuck Lowe examines the full range of biblical intertestamental, historical and empirical evidence cited in promotion of this new teaching. Lowe affirms that we need to be involved in spiritual warfare and proposes a more biblically legitimate and effective model.

About Chuck Lowe

Chuck Lowe is the English Ministry and Missions pastor of Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston. Prior to that He worked as Lecturer with OMF in Singapoore Bible College.

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The evangelical community at large owes Chuck Lowe a debt of grattitude [for his] dogged insistence that one must not build doctrine on vague texts, assumptions, analogies or interferences,, but on clear, solid, biblical evidence.

Richard Mayhue, Research Professor of Theology Emeritus, The Master's Seminary, Sun Valley, California

"Clear, admirably lucid and mission-hearted. Strategic level spiritual warfare [seems] uncomfortably closer to contemporary animism than to any biblical understanding of demonology"

Max Turner, Professor of New Testament, London School of Theology

"So Eagerly do many accept the new and the novel. Chuck Lowe has been given a clarion call to reject that which is built upon a foundation of anecdote, speculation, and animism"

Harriet Gabourel,

"I am pleased to commend this careful examination of a controversial subject. You do not have to go along with the theology of frank Perretti and Peter Wagner to take seriously the devil and his minions"

Nigel M. de S. Cameron, Distingusihed Professor of Theology and Culture, Trinity Evangelical Divinty School

This is an important book which should be widely read, especially as an alternative to the writings of Peter Wagner (with which it particularly interacts) and the novels of Frank Peretti

John Baigent, Partnership Perspectives

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