William Tyndale

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William Tyndale

The Smuggler's Flame

Lori Rich

Pages: 144
Trim: Pocket paperback (178 x 110mm)
Isbn 13: 9781857929720
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Series: Torchbearers
Imprint: CF4Kids
Read to me: age 7-9
Read myself: age 9-12
Category: Children > 8-12 Year Olds > Biography

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William Tyndale lived a life of adventure and danger, dodging the king's men, fleeing from his enemies and meeting with smugglers in the dead of night. What brought a well-educated young English man to such a state? Was he an outlaw? Was he a thief? No - he was a Bible smuggler and a brave one at that.

Tyndale wanted other English speakers to be able to read God's word in their own language but there were many who tried to put a stop to that.

However, Tyndale's work was God's work and it would not be stopped - even after Tyndale's death. One day there was a translation of the bible in the English language and it lit a fire in people's hearts that would not be put out.

Read and learn about how God wants us to be brave and courageous and to stand up for the Truth!


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"When you write a book about someone, you feel you get to know them; you are interested in the way they saw the world at that time; you feel like they are a part of your family. William Tyndale is like that for me. He stands out to me as one of true greats in Christian history, and his work in translating the Scriptures into the language of the common man in sixteenth century England is an utterly remarkable and epic work in the history of Christianity. He did many things we can all learn from, but perhaps most of all is that, as Hebrews admonishes, he persevered—no matter how bad it got - right to the very end."

Lori Rich

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