The Pilgrim Psalms

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The Pilgrim Psalms

A Sacred Journey to Revitalise your Life

Kathy McReynolds

Pages: 128
Trim: Trade hardback (198 x 130mm)
Isbn 13: 9781857929270
List Price: £7.99
Imprint: Christian Focus Adult Catalogue
Category: Christian Life > Spiritual Growth > Contemplative Life

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It's quite a big word, isn't it? The more you think about it, the bigger it gets! This is the story of how a busy mother, outwardly seeming to do all the right spiritual things, came face to face with the realisation that, spiritually, she was in the wrong place. She found the answer to her discontent in the Psalms of Ascent, written to mark times when God's people came to him for special events - written for us to regain that special-ness between ourselves, and our Lord. She identifies the emotional and intellectual stumbling blocks that prevent us escaping spiritual stagnation and takes us on a journey back to fulfilment and contentment. She gives you the practical tools to make that journey for yourself. Fortunately for us, that busy mother had a Doctorate from the University of Southern California and was a lecturer at Biola University. Using her studies and experiences she has been able to explain spiritual depths and insights from these beautiful psalms that will give you confidence as you complete your journey too.

About Kathy McReynolds

Kathy McReynolds is on the faculty of Biola University and has authored many books and has contributed several articles to The Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions.

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An exploration into the Pilgrim Psalms (Psalms 120-134) that helps the reader to make the journey into God's presence, for we are pilgrims who are ascending to God even as he indwells us. One to read slowly and meditatively.

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"Believers are equipped with the light of Scripture beautifully flowing through these Pilgrim Psalms,..."

Dorothy K. Patterson, Professor of Theology in Women’s Studies, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Forth Worth, Texas

In a clear, conversational, and interesting style, she offers sound and solid Scriptural advice to Christians of all ages. A beautifully-written study.

Denise George, Author, teacher, speaker

This book is a helpful look at the psalms for those whose faith has become stagnant or unexciting.

Fiona Castle, Well known author and speaker

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