Read With Me

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Read With Me

Jean Stapleton

Pages: 432
Trim: Large trade paperback (216 x 138mm)
Isbn 13: 9781845501488
List Price: £8.99
Series: Daily Readings
Imprint: CF4Kids
Read to me: age 5-7
Read myself: age 8-12
Category: Children > 4-7 Year Olds > Bible Teaching

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Read with Me takes the stories and teachings of the Bible from the beginning of the Old Testament through to the end of the New, explaining them in simple, direct language.

These devotions are ideal for reading to children - each one bringing out truths and questions, answers and lessons - and will bring your family closer to God.

Each reading is divided up into four sections: -

God's Word - gives you short passages of scripture to read together.

Extra Info - teaches interesting facts about God, the Bible, and the world.

By Myself - allows young and developing readers to tackle a sentence or two.

Ask about it - asks questions that are easily answered from the readings.

For older family members there is also an additional feature where, throughout the book, introductions are given to those Old and New Testament books that are featured. These give useful information for older children - or for adults to read alongside the family devotions.

This book is simple effective way to encourage your family to come together and spend time in a daily walk with God through his word.

Read to Me: 5-7

About Jean Stapleton

Jean Stapleton made nursing her career before she became a wife and a mother. She was involved with beach missions for a number of years and has worked with children of various ages and backgrounds in the local church and in her own home.

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"If you like this, you'll love these: Sharing Jesus with Under 5's by Janet Gaukroger. This book is a good volume for any family or church who are trying to reach out to pre-school children. Full of practical tips and ideas. Ideal for church, useful in any situation. Teach your children to Pray by Denise George When introducing family worship to your children start as you mean to go and introduce them to personal prayer. With Denise you will see how you can make this a practical, hands on experience for your family - something that will stay with them."

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Customer Reviews

We'ew been using this with our 9 & 6 year old and we've found it very useful. The BIble passages are short enough for for our 9year old to read in the Children's NIV and our 6 year old can read the "read it myself" sentence given each day. We also find it useful that the book isn't dated (less guilt when we miss a day!).

Posted by Anne - Yatton at 09:31 on Saturday 02 September 2006

"Read With Me" blessed me much as I saw the labor of love this obviously was for Jean Stapleton. I have not had the chance as yet to "try it out" on some little ones, but being a former preschool teacher I was blessed by the format she used to pull it all together. There is a great continuity, which will, I'm sure, cause much anticipation, not only on the child's part, but hopefully on the adult as well to see what the next lesson brings. She has a way of making it all exciting for the reader. May God use this work to draw many hearts to Himself and to grow them in their walk with Him.

Posted by D. Miller, pastor's wife and former teacher, USA. at 18:40 on Wednesday 26 July 2006

Jean Stapleton's book 'Read With Me' is a real treasure for families with younger children who want to encourage them to read the Bible. It does demand some preparation by parents but the layout and content is easy to use and will make the Bible so much more relevant for young hearts and minds. Having seen Jean's first drafts this book is the result of some excellent hard work, and I commend it gladly

Posted by D. French (Abingdon) at 09:50 on Tuesday 25 July 2006

We have been using 'Read With Me' for a few weeks now and we're finding it to be much more suitable to our current situation than previous family devotion books that we have tried. My daughter (12) reads the Bible passage and my son (6) reads the 'By myself' sentence and they seem to enjoy this, which is encouraging! This book works really well for the age gap between our children, which some other family reading books haven't as they tend to be written with the expectation that your children will be closer together in age. If you've struggled with other family worship aids, give this a try! We've certainly found it to be very usable, helpful, and of course most importantly, faithful to the Biblical text.

Posted by Adrian, Sevenoaks at 07:49 on Tuesday 25 July 2006