Reformed Exegetical Doctrinal Studies series

The R.E.D.S. series addresses a spectrum of doctrines and contemporary theological questions. While the emphasis is on refined dogmatic formulation through rigorous exegesis and exploration into each doctrine’s historical background, this is done alongside warm, earnest pastoral application – making these studies practically, as well as theologically, relevant.


Death in Adam, Life in Christ

Death in Adam, Life in Christ

The Doctrine of Imputation

~ J. V. Fesko

The doctrine of imputation is the ground in which salvation is rooted. It is often seen as superfluous or splitting hairs, and yet, without it, redemption automatically becomes reliant on our own works and assurance of salvation... read more


Cracking the Foundation of the New Perspective on Paul

Cracking the Foundation of the New Perspective on Paul

Covenantal Nomism versus Reformed Covenantal Theology

~ Robert J. Cara

The New Perspective on Paul claims that the Reformed understanding of justification is wrong - that it misunderstands Paul and the Judaism with which he engages. The New Perspective's revised understanding of Second Temple... read more