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Christian Focus Across the Web - May 18, 2012


Christian Focus Across the Web highlights important news and blog posts related to our books. This week’s highlights are below:

Different By Design God's: Blueprint for Men and Women by Carrie Sandom
Different By Design God's: Blueprint for Men and Women by Carrie Sandom
Different by Design reviewed on the Domestic Kingdom Blog - Many thanks to Priya Samuel for her thorough review of Different By Design: God's Blueprint for Men and Women. Here are a few selections from the review:

"Carrie Sandom, with wisdom from above, has unraveled this topic in a way that I have not read before.

Her handling of rich truths not only edify but the discussion questions at the end of each chapter convict and provide fodder for deep introspection. Carrie does not merely present theology but helps the reader apply these glorious truths to the warp and woof of life."

"This book is one that is full of hope and will be a balm for many men and women who are struggling to understand God’s design for them and help them work through difficult relationships."

We encourage you to visit the Domestic Kingdom Blog to read the review in its entirety.

Read The Hidden Life of Prayer with Tim Challies - In his next installment of Reading Classics Together, Tim and his fellow readers will be discussing their way through The Hidden Life of Prayer: The life-blood of the Christian by David McIntyre. Don't think you'd get much out of reading a book on prayer? See what John Piper had to day about this wonderful little book:

"God brings books at their appointed times. The Hidden Life of Prayer arrived late but well-timed. This little jewel-strewn tapestry has done for me at 64 what Bounds' Power Through Prayer did at 34. I could be ashamed that I need inspiration for the highest privilege. But I choose to be thankful."

Westminster Bookstore is currently featuring The Hidden Life of Prayer for 50% off. Whether you're going to pick up a copy of the book to read along with Tim or to simply read it on your own, either way it's a great deal! Visit to take advantage of this special price.

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