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Christian Focus Across The Web - May 2, 2014

Gavin MacKenzie

This week’s highlights are below:

Credo Magazine's Recommended Resources on the Psalms - Many thanks to Timothy Raymond at Credo Magazine for including two of our titles in their recommended resources on the Psalms. Timothy's reviews follow below:

The Way of the Righteous in the Muck of Life: Psalms 1-12 by Dale Ralph Davis – For several years now Dale Ralph Davis has been pumping out excellent Old Testament expositional commentaries and this little one on the first twelve Psalms is a homerun. As is typical for Davis, it’s clear, well-illustrated, built on careful exegesis, applicatory, and frequently hilarious. Davis is a master of the punchy, pithy sentence. One feature which I’m not too terribly fond of is how he feels compelled to illustrate every major point with a fairly substantial story. After a while, I just skim over these and get back to the exposition. I hope he goes on to finish the Psalter.

Psalms Volume 1 (Psalms 1-72): A Mentor Commentary and Psalms Volume 2 (Psalms 73-150): A Mentor Commentary, by Alan Harman – I’ve saved my favorite for the last. Harman, Research Professor of Old Testament at the Presbyterian Theological College in Melbourne, Australia, and author of commentaries on Deuteronomy and Isaiah, has given us a commentary which, while lesser known, is truly outstanding all-round. It’s clear, staunchly evangelical and Calvinistic, supported by careful scholarship, attuned to contemporary application, interestingly written, and about perfect length. While ideal for the pastor, it could be profitably read by any serious layman. This has become my “will-always-read-even-if-I’m-super-busy-and-behind-on-sermon-prep-commentary.” It’s one you really should check out.

Adoniram Judson: Devoted For Life in World Magazine's Notable Books - Be sure to check out Susan Olasky's review of Vance Christie's Adoniram Judson: Devoted For Life at

David Robertson Interviewed on Author Talks - Don't forget to listen to David Robertson's recent interview on Author Talks with Shaun Tabatt discussing his book Magnificent Obsession: Why Jesus is Great. Stream or download the interview below:

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