Released in the UK March 2008
Released in the US May 2008


Large trade paperback | 480 Pages
9781845503376 • £13.99 $19.99

BISAC – REL067030

Faith's Reasons for Believing

An Apologetic Antidote to Mindless Christianity (and Thoughtless Atheism)

Robert L. Reymond

Using extensive Biblical references, Reymond takes us on a comprehensive tour of why it is possible for belief to exist as a result of knowledge in the Christian faith. He gives us both reasons for believing in key aspects of the Christian faith and a defence of the presuppositional apologetic method.

Robert L. Reymond
Robert L. Reymond (1932-2013) taught for more than 25 years on the faculties of Covenant Theological Seminary (St. Louis, Missouri) and Knox Theological Seminary (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida). He held degrees from Bob Jones University and did post-doctoral studies at Fuller Seminary, New York University, Union Seminary (New York), Tyndale House, Cambridge, and Rutherford House, Edinburgh.

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