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Trees in the Pavement

Trees in the Pavement

Jennifer Grosser
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Well, I think it is a lovely book and may be of great help to children who feel alone and strange, or effectual in the lives of "bullies". I am, of course, prejudiced. I am one of Jennifer's grandmothers!

Anna-Lisa Madeira (Mrs. David L. Madeira) a Rhode Islander who lives in Connecticut, USA

amazing. horrah one word reviews!
I think it was amazing. it had a deep but easy to follow very captivating plot line. i picked it up and couldnt put it down.and even though its catogorized for 8 - 12 year olds, i think everyone could get into it. Even quiescent platypus lovers! though, like Jenns grandmother i may also be prejudice. She was/is my small group leader :)

Sarah Chalk! a quiescent platypus lover!

This book is a great read for pre-teens and older, as we have insight to various cultures, religions, and the themes of love, relationships, faith, and tolerance, certainly all dominant topics in this politically correct society. Although this book was written from a Christian perspective, it certainly is not biased, as it lays out various arguments from both the Muslim and Christian faiths. This is a thought-provoking, touching story about how the young girl, Zari, matures from being a selfish child to being a young lady who sticks up for what is right, even at the risk of getting in trouble. This book has a great message with good character development. As the story unfolds, I found myself reading the book faster, not wanting to put the book down. I highly recommend this book.

Keith VandenAkker

This is a great book! It helps give an insight into what refugees go through when they come to a new country. I would definitely recommend it! It´s a book I would give to others to help them understand a bit of the refugee situation.

Lisa Martin Schobesberger, missionary to refugees, Jenn´s former London teammate

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