Released in the UK September 2010
Released in the US November 2010


Large trade paperback | 392 Pages
9781845506254 • £12.99 $19.99

BISAC – REL067000

Contours of Pauline Theology

A Radical New Survey of the Influences on Paul's Biblical Writings

Tom Holland

New Paperback edition. The Apostle Paul is a controversial church figure. Many theologians accuse Paul of starting a new religion: of hijacking early Christianity in a different direction. Is this a fair charge?

Tom Holland points us to a neglected fact, that the Jews in the first century AD would view concepts of salvation through the Exodus of Israel from Egypt to the promised land. Until now, a real elephant in the centre of the hermeneutical room.

Such a viewpoint opens up new understanding on Pauline studies - it is true of this book that it will change your view of the New Testament and deserves to radically alter New Testament studies in Universities, Theological Colleges and Seminaries around the world.

Tom Holland
Tom Holland, professor of New Testament and Hermeneutics at the Wales Evangelical School of Theology. (Formerly known as ETCW)

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