Released in the UK November 2015
Released in the US January 2016


Hardback | 64 Pages
9781845508067 • £9.99 $15.99

BISAC – BIO018000

Just the Way I Am

God's Good Design in Disability

Krista Horning

A beautifully produced coffee-table style book with inspirational verses and pictures of those who have a disability. You will see God's providence and sovereignty in lives affected and impacted by disability.
For the people in this book, the sovereignty and goodness of God have become a sanctuary for the soul in a life they did not expect to live. When they affirm the goodness and wisdom of God in creating them for short-term disability and eternal super-ability, they do not do so without tears. There is no glib trifling with pain. They are learning the paradox of "sorrowful yet always rejoicing" ... because of the grace of God, these lives and this book exist for the glory of God.
John Piper

Krista Horning
Krista Horning lives near Minneapolis, Minnesota where she works at a clinic that meets the needs of children with disabilities. She enjoys reading, writing and helping people.

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