Released in the UK November 2012
Released in the US January 2013


Pocket paperback | 96 Pages
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BISAC – REL067100

A Christian's Pocket Guide to Growing in Holiness

Understanding Sanctification

J. V. Fesko

No true Christian wants to keep on sinning. Yet the battle seems unwinnable. For every slain opponent two more emerge from the shadows. And to make matters worse, an endless stream of pundits are on hand with conflicting combat tactics: 'Try harder. Do more.' 'It's a matter of mind over matter.' 'Imitate Christ. Ask, What would Jesus Do?' 'Take a break. Even if you yield to every known sin, you're still a winner because Christ has forgiven everything.'
In the Bible we find a more coherent and realistic approach to growing in holiness. Victory over sin does not come to the spiritual sluggard. Effort is essential. Even so, self-transformation is not possible. 'Sanctification is by faith alone in Christ alone.' The gospel is not just for day one of the Christian life; it's for the whole journey.
How do we grow in holiness? We grow through the Word of God and prayer and sacraments. This book will help us find the benefits of growing in Christ for which there is no substitute.

J. V. Fesko
J. V. Fesko is Harriet Barbour Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi

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