Released in the UK January 2013
Released in the US March 2013


Trade paperback | 112 Pages
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BISAC – REL067000

Truth Unchanged, Unchanging

Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Foreword by Alistair Begg. What is wrong with the human race?
Today those who shape social policy often offer the wrong answers. Dr Lloyd-Jones takes us beyond human prejudices and provides us with an apologetic for the gospel. The doctor exposes these flaws in modern thinking, especially in the "scientific approach." He provides us with a penetrating diagnosis of the human condition and shows decisively that the true remedy for our ills is in Jesus Christ - and Him alone. Truly everything we need for salvation is found in Christ alone.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981) was born in Wales. He was a dairyman's assistant, a political enthusiast, debater, and chief clinical assistant to Sir Thomas Harder, the King's Physician. But at the age of 27 he gave up a most promising medical career to become a preacher. He had a far-reaching influence through his ministry at Westminster Chapel in London, England from 1938-68. His published works have had an unprecedented circulation, selling in millions of copies.

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