Released in the UK October 2001
Released in the US October 2001


Trade paperback | 192 Pages
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BISAC – REL067000

Child of a King

What joining God's Family really means

Mark Johnston

The highest spiritual blessing God can give is to make believers in Jesus his children. Adoption into the family of God is a greater privelige than becoming right with God through receiving forgiveness of one's sins. As His children, Christians have been given a place of high status and are entitled to all the benefits that come through this permanent relationship with their heavenly Father.

Mark Johnston examines different aspects of being 'the child of a King' and discovers the blessings given to every believer. He also considers possible errors of understanding, including whether or not God is the father of all humans by creation.

Mark Johnston
Mark Johnston is Minister of Bethel Presbyterian Church, Cardiff, Wales. Prior to that he pastored Proclamation Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which followed 16 years as minister of Grove Chapel in London.

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