Released in the UK September 2015
Released in the US November 2015


205 X 205 Hardback | 160 Pages
Read to me: 3-5
Read Myself: 6-8
9781781916070 • £7.99 $12.99

BISAC – JNF049040

Mark's Marvellous Book

Learning about Jesus through the Gospel

Alan Mann

Amazing things make you stop and say "I have never seen that before!" Like ... A tiny shimmery beetle, animal shapes in the clouds, six snails driving the school bus! Well, maybe not. Things have to be true to be really amazing! When Jesus came he did things that were absolutely amazing. The book of Mark is a marvellous collection of stories about what Jesus really did and said.
Mark's Marvellous Book aims to give a faithful explanation and application of the Gospel of Mark for young children, so that they might know who Jesus is, what he achieved on the cross, and understand what it means to follow him.

Alan Mann
Alan Mann is an aeronautical engineer with a passion for youth work, art, science fiction and lego. He is from the United Kingdom and is an elder at the Philip Street church in Bristol.

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