Released in the UK April 2017
Released in the US June 2017


Pocket paperback | 112 Pages
9781781919866 • £5.99 $8.99

BISAC – REL015000

The Reformation

A Soundbite History

Andrew Cook

In honour of the 500-year anniversary of the Reformation, this small book goes through some of the key events and characters who, under God, brought about one of the most significant changes in the history of the church. Covering great names, such as Luther, and less well-known names, such as John Huss, this work seeks to present the essence and impact of this great era. This is an engaging and accessible introduction to the Reformation.

Andrew Cook
Andrew Cook oversees production of Serving Today, the Grace Baptist Mission radio programme for pastors and church leaders. He has been with the GBM radio team since 2004.

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