Released in the UK August 2017
Released in the US October 2017


Trade paperback | 192 Pages
9781527100329 • £7.99 $12.99

BISAC – REL012130

Closer Than a Sister

How Union with Christ helps Friendships to Flourish

Christina Fox

We live in an age where ‘friendships’ are prolific and contact is constant. But are all of these people really our friends? The bond of Christian friendship is different. Built on our unity with Christ, these are real life, flesh and blood relationships – both sacred and sacrificial. Christina Fox offers insight into how we can weave friendships that last through any season and reflect Christ to the world.

Christina Fox
Christina Fox is a blogger at www.christinafox.com where she chronicles her faith journey. She writes for a number of Christian ministries and publications including Desiring God and The Gospel Coalition. She lives with her husband and two sons.

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