Released in the UK December 2018
Released in the US February 2019


Pocket paperback | 176 Pages
9781527102910 • £5.99 $8.99

BISAC – JNF049180


The Ship of Dreams

Robert Plant

The ship that could never sink, the ship of dreams, became a ship of nightmares as it sank beneath the freezing Atlantic Ocean. Colliding with a massive iceberg, it was as much the arrogance of the ship’s owners and operators that caused the tragedy of the Titanic on 14th April 1912. 1,517 people perished that night but there was at least one man who was focused on saving souls amidst the horror. As the icy waters brought the life of John Harper to a close he still had the energy to call one final person to come to Christ. This is a story of tragedy but it is also a story of faith and courage and eternal hope.

Robert Plant
Robert Plant is from a Christian Brethren (Gospel Hall) background and works as a Christian Evangelist. He has strong links with John Ritchie Ltd. He conducts about 20 series of children’s meetings each year.

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