Released in the UK March 2019
Released in the US March 2019


Trade paperback | 80 Pages
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BISAC – REL012120

God Willing

Divine Conduct or The Mystery of Providence

John Flavel

God works in all parts of our lives, in small things as well as great. These special workings of his providence are not mere accidents. From the day of our birth, to the day of our death, God is working for the good of those who have been called according to his purpose. In this simplified and abridged form Flavel addresses how God works providentially in our lives, as well as why and how we should think deeply about these providences. An encouragement to Christians to taste and see the good God has done in our own lives.

John Flavel
Flavel was an English Puritan who became a non–conformist after the ‘Great Ejection’ of 1662. It was 10 years before he was licenced to preach again, and then only in his own home. His writings, when collected in the 19th century, filled 6 volumes. Flavel’s writings are known for their practical nature. He was instrumental in promoting the ‘Happy Union’ of Presbyterians and Congregationalists.

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