Released in the UK May 2019
Released in the US May 2019


Trade paperback | 96 Pages
9781527103054 • £5.99 $8.99

BISAC – REL030000

Believe – What Should I Know?

Mike McKinley

The Bible isn’t just a big book full of stories from a long time ago. It also tells us what we are to believe about God, life and what happens after this life. Christians sometimes use a lot of complicated words to describe these things, but this brief breakdown of everything you need to know is easy to understand.


Covers topics like Who is God?, Creation and Fall, Atonement and Election, Sanctification and Perseverance, Heaven and Hell and The Return of Jesus.

Mike McKinley
Mike McKinley is Senior Pastor at Sterling Park Baptist Church in Sterling, Virginia and author of several books. Mike has been married to Karen since 1997, and they have five beautiful children.

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