Released in the UK May 2019
Released in the US May 2019


Pocket paperback | 144 Pages
9781527103092 • £5.99 $8.99

BISAC – JNF049180

Samuel Rutherford

The Law, the Prince and the Scribe

Catherine MacKenzie

When Samuel Rutherford picked up his pen he changed lives. His book Lex Rex was burned on a pyre but his notes of comfort and wisdom were cherished by those he cared to guide and counsel. Accused of treason he died of illness before there was time to make him a martyr and on his gravestone today, just west of the Bell Tower in St. Andrews Cathedral are engraved the striking words that sum up his life, ‘Acquainted with Emmanuel’s Love’.

Catherine MacKenzie
Catherine MacKenzie has written several biographies for young teens in the Trailblazers series as well as other titles for younger children. She is Editor for Christian Focus’ children’s imprint, CF4Kids. Born and brought up in Scotland, her writing was inspired by her mum, children’s author Carine MacKenzie. Catherine has several nieces and nephews – a perfect practice audience!

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