Released in the UK July 2019
Released in the US July 2019


Hardback | 128 Pages
9781527103344 • £9.99 $13.99

BISAC – JNF049240

The History of Christmas

2,000 Years of Faith, Fable, and Festivity

Heather Winslow LeFebvre

The History of Christmas will take you on a journey from Christ’s birth in Bethlehem, through Roman times and the Middle Ages, into the Reformation and then the Victorian era. You will finally touch down in our modern–day Christmas with all the things that make us think of this wonderful season – decorations, presents, delicious food. But as you take this amazing journey, you will discover the surprising twists and turns that Christmas has taken over the years. 

Heather Winslow LeFebvre
Heather LeFebvre teaches art, literature, and history through various workshops and school settings. She also enjoys reading good books, creating art, and making holidays special. She lives on the outskirts of Indianapolis with her husband, who is a Presbyterian minister, and their five children.

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