Released in the UK November 2019
Released in the US November 2019


Pocket paperback | 128 Pages
9781527104204 • £4.99 $7.99

BISAC – REL012110

Christian’s Pocket Guide to Understanding Suicide and Euthanasia

A Contemporary and Biblical Perspective

D. Eryl Davies

In a society that does not like to speak about death, Eryl Davies brings a contemporary, biblical, pastoral perspective on one of the most controversial topics of our times. The desire to control when and how one’s life ends can be a complex and heart–breaking issue, so Davies encourages Christians to be informed, and to engage with the debate, bringing God’s light to the darkness.

D. Eryl Davies
Eryl Davies is an elder at Heath Evangelical church, Cardiff and a member of the Management Board of the Evangelical Movement of Wales . He pastored churches in South and North Wales before becoming the first principal of what is now Union School of Theology. He continues to serve churches and conferences and to write.

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