Released in the UK November 2019
Released in the US November 2019


Pocket paperback | 96 Pages
9781527104211 • £4.99 $7.99

BISAC – REL067000

Christian’s Pocket Guide to How God Preserved the Bible

Richard Brash

There is sometimes a gap in the teaching we receive between the inspiration and illumination of Scripture. The Holy Spirit inspired the writing of the Word of God in the first place and applies it to our hearts now. What does the Holy Spirit do in respect of the Bible between these two works? How do we know that the Bible we read today is still the inspired Word of God? Richard Brash grounds his answers to these questions in the doctrines of God and his outer works, especially providence, in this introductory guide to how God preserved the Bible.

Richard Brash
Richard Brash is a Mission Partner with Japan Christian Link. He is a graduate of Japan Bible Seminary in Tokyo and is currently studying for a PhD in systematic theology at the University of Edinburgh. Previously he was an Associate Minister at St Ebbe’s Church in Oxford.

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