Released in the UK January 2020
Released in the US January 2020


Paperback | 96 Pages
9781527104754 • £7.99 $12.99

BISAC – JNF049280

Big Bible Science 2

More Experiments that Explore God’s World

Erin Lee Green

 This second book of Big Bible Science encourages kids to explore God’s world further! Covering topics such as kinetic energy, symbiosis and chemical reactions, students can dive into learning about science, and what God’s Word says about the world He’s created. All of the experiments in this book use ingredients and equipment that are easy to find. Studying science and the Bible together encourages a love of learning and love for God.

Erin Lee Green
Erin Lee Green has taught chemistry, astronomy, geology, and biology in a public school setting. She holds a Master of Arts in teaching. She now enjoys sharing the wonders of God’s World and Salvation with her own children and her many curious students.

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