Released in the UK November 2019
Released in the US November 2019


Royale Hardback 234 X 156 | 432 Pages
9781527105027 • £31.99 $39.99

BISAC – REL067020

Reenchanting Humanity

A Theology of Mankind

Owen Strachan

Reenchanting Humanity is a work of systematic theology that focuses on the doctrine of humanity. Engaging the major anthropological questions of the age, like transgenderism, homosexuality, technology, and more, author Owen Strachan establishes a Christian anthropology rooted in Biblical truth, in stark contrast to the popular opinions of the modern age.

Owen Strachan
Owen is Associate Professor of Christian Theology at MBTS in Kansas City, Missouri. He is the Director of the Center for Public Theology at MBTS and author of ‘Reenchanting Humanity: A Theology of Mankind’.

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