Released in the UK July 2020
Released in the US July 2020


Trade paperback | 424 Pages
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BISAC – REL006710

Teaching Mark

From Text to Message

Robin Sydserff

Mark’s gospel is a book that we think we know. It appears straight forward, fast paced and simple. However anyone who has spent any time engrossed in its pages will be aware that under the surface there is great depth and profundity. Robin has written Teaching Mark to help the preacher and teacher in the study to not just skim the surface of this life changing account but to go deep and see what is really there.

Robin Sydserff
Robin Sydserff is the minister of Chalmers Church, Edinburgh, having previously served as Director of Ministry for The Proclamation Trust. He is Chair of the Bonar Trust whose vision is investing in the next generation of leaders for the Church in Scotland. Robin is married to Sally and they have three children.

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